Introducing EusoTrip

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Our platform EusoTrip is a disruptive decentralized digital job-sharing & freight brokerage marketplace for the Hazardous Materials and Oil & Gas midstream industry. EusoTrip digitizes opportunities for the movement of bulk carrier loads, significantly improving efficiencies in time and providing a faster collection of receivables to your wallet by utilizing machine learning, ethereum based smart contracts and load matching for independent contractors in a ever growing ecosystem made from the ground up, for drivers. In EusoTrip, the choice is yours.

See You In The Marketplace

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EusoTrip utilizes Encrypted transactions and document exchange on a shared ledger for the trust of our partners, our catalysts, and shareholders.



Our platform performs transparent transaction records on a distributed ledger which in turn keeps our partners and  catalysts in full compliance job to job.

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Fraud Proof

The marketplace has implemented a rigorous automated verification process and smart contracts allow a complete audit trail of all changes.



In the future reimagined in the EusoTrip present, the marketplace seamlessly uses automated documentation exchange and 80% faster payment settlement so you can spend your money where it matters most.

M a r k e t p l a c e   P l a t f o r m

The most important moving parts of our platform are our partners and catalyst. With innovative smart contract feature, we eliminate unnecessary intermediary parties to facilitate an average savings of 10-30%

Higher Margins

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Mike "Diego" Usoro 

Chief Executive Officer 


Our Founders

Eusorone Technologies is a Delaware petrochemical logistics tech Corporation committed to innovation in the Transportation & Logistics industry. Eusorone embodies its core values with a human-centric approach to research & development. Our greatest asset is the DNA of our adventure; our catalyst, and our people.

Nargiza Mashuri

Chief Operations Officer

Cedric Ihegword

Chief Technology Officer


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